Kevin Bates
This week it is my pleasure to interview Kevin Bates. Would you please introduce yourself to my readers, Kevin and share something about your life.

Which one of your books give you the most pleasure to write?

Well that is hard to say because there is so much pleasure in doing them all. The first one has a certain type of pleasure because it is the first one & it is getting something done that means so much. But every since I did that first book. "The Gifts of Life" I knew I was going to be doing my third book "Still Beautiful The Color of Beauty" It was going to be my most powerful with strong deep meaning.

What do you do when you are not reading or writing?

What I am doing when I am not reading or writing I am watching sports or movies. I am a big sports junkie & movies give great entertainment & brings me new thoughts all the time. There is always a line said that cause me to build upon. Plus movies always been great family time. I use to go to the movies with my grandmother a lot & it was always great time together.

Do you own your own website?

Yes I have my own website it is www.kevinwbates.com There own my site you will find poem of the month, sound offs, videos I have created info about me. And of course info on my books where you can purchase them from the site also.

Are you working on a new book at this moment?

Ahh yes! I am always working on something new I am behind new on what I was doing. The title of my new book will be "Sweet Emotions" it will be something so different from what I have done & seen. It is more poetry of course mix with recipes & more illustrations. Somewhat of a poetry cookbook. But my main focus now is making people aware of my latest book. "Still Beautiful The Color Of Beauty" The poems in this book show us how unity is important in getting through tough times. Unity, family God will bring you through. It is filled with illustrations by renown artist Stephen Cole.

When you write do you start with an idea, sit down & let it evolve, or do you make notes & collect ideas on paper beforehand?

Well do why I write has change over the years & varies from poem to poem.  Yes ago I use to write my poems like telling a story to build to a certain point at the end. At times making for a lot of emotion by the time you got to that point I was building up to. I would get a thought in my head & could write a phrase or couple of words & I could recall the idea just by reading a those words. Now when I have a thought I focus on it more. I pray on it to put my mind at ease. Sometimes read the bible on the subject that is why you see a lot of my poems reference bible verse. the Lord making me & my poems stronger. I do not build up to my point anymore I start off with it. Write shorter lines to try to create a better flow. Always trying a few things... bring a smile, provoke a thought & appreciate life.

Would you like to give us a short excerpt from one of your books.

I'll will be more then glad to share with you I have a poem Night Walk...

It's a clear humid spring night as he walks home from his job. Reflecting on events of the day also those of his ancestors past. A beautiful night's sky lit up bright full moon & stars light his way. He looks to the distance, walking along thinks of progress made. A car passes screaming obscenities throwing bottles, his night is shaken. Evil coming in the darkness of night drunkenness bringing out buries hate. Psalm 82:5

A poem out of my new book. " Still Beautiful The Color of Beauty" A poem about how once drunk & they thinking they are conceal by being in a passing car they can say evil things & throw stuff at a black man walking alone. I'll share a little more a part of a poem that is a tribute to my son who had great tragedy happen upon him and many prayed he come through. Many Hands...We are seeing many hands come together in this great time of sorrow in our hearts. Showing love & support for your servant. Hands come together in prayer to you Lord as your blessing will come down upon us. We thank you now for the miracles coming.... Also in "Still Beautiful"

When did you write your first book & how did it come about?
I was on a couple of poetry website just reading and writing a lot of poetry. Many people were putting out books & asking me if I was going to do the same. When was I going to write my poetry book? I talked with my sister about it & thought long and hard. If I was sharing on the website I could find a way to try to share with more people. I felt I had something worth sharing. Words always meant a lot to me & I wanted to give someone the same impact that words gave me.